List of corporate / museums & private collectors

Hughes Art Collection

Mayo Clinic, Arizona

Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, New York •

Wynn Resort Art Collection, Nevada •

University of Nebraska Art Collection •

Morehead State University Art Collection

• Kerman Museum of Art, Iran

• Palm Spring Museum, California

• American Republic insurance Company

• Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Arizona •

Victor Jury Collection, New Mexico

Marvin Brody Collection, Arizona •

Empress Farah Pahlavi •

IBM, New York • Pfizer, New York

• Bank of America •

The ASU Art Museum,Arizona

• Utah Museum of Fine Arts

• Yuma Museum of Art, Arizona

• Tehran Museum of Fine Arts, Iran •

J.P. Morgan/Chase Bank

• Tucson Museum of Fine Art, Arizona

• Prudential Life Insurance •

Rolm Corporation, California •

Qwest Communications, Colorado •

Visa of America

• Saks Fifth Avenue,Texas

• University of Wisconsin •

Frederick Weiseman Collection, California

• Forbes Collection, Connecticut

General Motors lorem.

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YASAMI, was a Visiting Distinguished Associate Professor of Painting at Arizona State University and assistant professor of art at University of Utah, has lectured at universities across US including University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Art institute of Boston, University of Wisconsin, University of Nebraska, Arizona state University and Farabi University in Tehran.